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See what our customers are saying about their recent purchase at Phillip Hawkins Motor Company. If you recently purchased a vehicle from us and would like to tell your story please contact us.

Holly Sutcliffe

Purchased a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country 

I truly didn’t think it was possible to have a positive experience buying a car until my car search brought me to the Phillip Hawkins Motor Company’s website a few weeks ago. I had been researching and test driving minivans and had narrowed my search parameters to one particular type and year of minivan. A Carfax search brought me to a link on the Phillip Hawkins website of the car that fit my search parameters. The car ticked almost all my criteria boxes with the exception not having leather. I filled out the online inquiry form and was promptly contacted by James (I filled out the online form at ~10pm the night before and he called me around 9:00am the next day). I asked him if he could look into the cost of putting leather seats in the car I had in mind. He said he would and suggested I view another minivan he had (2013 Town and Country) with low mileage, leather and some nice features the other car didn’t have. While he researched the cost of adding leather to the other minivan, I thought I’d do my due diligence and clicked my way around the website and viewed the great photos of what would ultimately become my new car.

Within an hour, James called me back with all the information about putting leather in the car I was originally interested in. I told him I really liked the features of the other car and I’d have to spend some time thinking about it. I never felt pressured by James to make a quick decision and he gave me the time I needed to rethink my parameters. When I finally decided and called him back the next day, I asked what the next steps would be since I lived about 3 hours away and didn’t have time to drive out to Graniteville/Aiken. James processed all the paperwork (even the financing was better than what my bank was offering) and arranged to have the car delivered to me the next day!

The following day, a super nice gentleman, Al delivered the car to my house (Al’s lovely wife drove too!). We signed all the paperwork, I drove the car around a bit and then the car was mine! The whole experience was a pleasure and I really can’t say enough good things about my experience. I appreciated and was so blown away by James’ customer service and I felt 100% confident I was getting an amazing deal on my car without haggling. Since I opted for a car a bit older and I got such a good price, James helped me obtain a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty that I purchased and it still put my total cost within my target budget.

I’ve had the car about 3 weeks now and simply love it! I had it checked out by a local Chrysler mechanic and he too was surprised how clean the car was and its low milage. The next time my family is thinking about buying a new car, I am going straight to the Phillip Hawkins Motor Company website to see what cars they have and then I’m calling James!

Many thanks to James and Phillip Hawkins Motor Company for making this the best car buying experience EVER! ~ Holly Sutcliffe

Jo Ann Mckie and Daughters

Wesley Hightower

Rod Greeneway

Mike and Peggy Hogan

My wife Peggy and I flew to Augusta where Reggie Beckum picked us up and kindly drove us to your location in Graniteville. We had seen a picture online of a 2001 special edition Miata MX5 that we had been searching for over three months. The car was so well taken care of that it basically looked brand new. We drove the car and quickly decided that it was the one we wanted. We then drove it home - we are located on a farm in Buffalo Valley Tennessee. The next day we drove to Nashville where we had left our other car at the airport. On the way, to our home we noted that the check engine light had come on. By the time we got to Nashville, the engine began to miss and finally shut down entirely. We took it to a Mazda dealer in Nashville and heard a huge list of problems and decided it may not have been the car we wanted after all. This was a great disappointment as we loved the car. You had it taken to Valdez Motorsport auto repair shop. They worked on it and thought they had it fixed. We decided to keep it after all. There was a continuing problem with the engine light and the car missing and stalling - but, both you and we decided that these mechanics could solve the problem - so we took it back two more times. They finally discovered that the O2 sensor was malfunctioning even though the computer engine test had shown there was no problem. They replaced it along with their replacing the catalitic converter, two coils and considerable time and effort. You kindly stood by the product and agreed to have it repaired in spite of the fact that it had no doubt eliminated any possibility of your making any profit on the car. This has been an unprecidented experience for both my wife and I - we are in our sixties and have had to deal with used car and new car dealers - but, never with the absolute satisfaction we have had with you and your company!! Dealing with honest folks like you - has been an great experience for us - one that we will never forget and will always be grateful for. Thank you falls short of our appreciation - but Thank You from the heart. A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!

Julieann Spires

My father and I came to phillip hawkins to look for a car. It being my first time buying a car, I was terrified. Reggie Beckum made the process painless and father even ended up purchasing a truck from him the exact same day :) Turns out my car had a defect on it, to where a part had to be sent off, so Phillip Hawkins Motor Company, told me to come back and they would loan me a car for the time my car is in the shop. Customer service at its finest.

Richard Hillman

Phillip Hawkins and Rick Brown: As a quick update my daughter bought a 2001 Lexus from you in the first week of July of this year. It was a one owner with 66K miles. You asked us to drive the vehicle and identify any issues that it may have. The only thing the vehicle needed was an alignment and tires. You were quick to remedy both of these issues. Both of you were very kind, professional, and friendly to our family. We were very impressed with your dealership. I have told many friends about your business and will continue to recommend you to anyone needing a vehicle. I have been extremely pleased with the car and my daugher """"loves it"""". It has performed flawlessly and she feels very safe in this car. What a great experience to deal with Christian folks who provide a great product at a great price. Thanks for making my daughter's first car buying venture a very positive experience. Rest assured that you will be seeing the Hillman family many more times in the future. Richard Hillman Very Satisfied Customer

Mr. Mitchell

I purchased a used vehicle from Hawkins Motors a few weeks ago. Very refreshing experience! None of the typical """"well, let me talk to my manager ... and his manager ... and his manager's mother ... and his manager's mother's cat"""" nonsense that goes on at auto dealerships. No attempts to jack up the price - the vehicle was priced very reasonable versus Kelly Blue Book. I had an opportunity to take it for test driving - all weekend if I liked - and to my mechanic for a once-over. The mechanic found a couple of issues, and Mr. Hawkins immediately agreed to take the cost of those repairs off the price of the car. In addition, when I discovered the vehicle had an accident on its CARFAX report, Mr. Hawkins was quick to show me exactly what had been repaired on it. I generally dread car shopping. It's usually a painful, time-consuming process that involves sparring with car dealers who are trying to squeeze the customer. Hawkins Motors breaks the mold. I heartily recommend their services to anyone interested!

Greg and Ila Schaut

Dear Mr. Hawkins and staff, We want to thank you for the great service you gave us. Our son is well pleased with the car, the 2008 Malibu you were able to find for us. The salesman was a great help. We will highly recommend your company to everyone we talk to. Again thank you very much. Respectfully, Greg and Ila Schaut

Kimberly Dugan

I felt comfortable with the sales personel and the entire process. Great car, decent price, and I appreciate the directness of the business transaction.

Sharon McClure

Nothing but nice things to say!

James Hiott

Very pleased with the customer service. Fair price on purchased vehicle and trade.

Lauren Perry

I was very satisfied with the service I recieved. I was able to test drive the car for a full day and night and was very pleased with that! Overall the service was amazing!

Josh Canglia

I was very pleased with how much they worked with me to get me in the car I wanted.

Patrick Paterson

I appreciate everything you did to make this a pleasant experience.

Amy Fenton

on September 12, 2011

Came in to buy a Toyota, walked out (drove out) in a Mustang! :-)

Pam Hoffman

I didn't feel pressured to purchase. My husband & I were both pleased with the sales staff. Reggie Beckum was efficient, thorough & courteous. I'd recomend Hawkins Motor Co to anyone.

Teresa and Glenn Garver

We got the deal we wanted without our agent having to make several trips to check our options with the boss and wasting our time. Rick was fun to deal with and made our visit quick and fun.

Steven Meyers

Phillip Hawkins Motors is the best, very fair good prices and excellent cars.

Jane Carter

We appreciate the laid back atmosphere and friendly attitude in letting us drive the car and not make a hasty decision. Thanks for your help!

Brittany Miskelly

Very good customer service! Willing to work out a deal; very quick service! Had everything we needed and looking for in our new suv!


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